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Adapted Kitchens in Birmingham

The space that brings people together, a kitchen is a place that should be accessible to all and Freedom allows just that. This innovative collection of kitchens allows for multi-generational households and those with additional needs to get the most from their space. Functionality is combined with style to give everyone the freedom of independence in their home.

Multi-generational. Functional. But, stylish. Let us design a Freedom Kitchen in harmony with you.

Gone are the days when some are excluded from enjoying their kitchen space. With a few subtle adaptations and additional considerations, everyone can get stuck-in in the kitchen. Whether you have additional physical needs or are discovering new limitations with a degenerative condition, or simply struggling as you get older, a Freedom kitchen is here to adapt your kitchen to you.

There’s no need to worry about the aesthetic, Freedom’s clever integration of technology ensures that design is not compromised even when accessibility has to come first. Our expert kitchen designers can help guide you through the features Freedom can offer, helping you to design a kitchen that works for you.

Explore The Extensive Range

There are so many different ways we can tailor your kitchen to suit your needs. Each adaptation is designed with both style and functionality in mind, allowing you to seamlessly interact with your surroundings. Discover all the possibilities on offer.

Rise and Fall Electric Workop

These specialised worktops are available in a variety of sizes and lengths and come with safety-stop mechanisms and waterfall edge worktops.

Right Angle Rise and Fall Worktop

An alternative rise-and-fall worktop is a right-angled option. These suit smaller spaces; however, they do still provide a large area to prepare food.

Pull Down Baskets

For tall units, the pull-down baskets are an effective way to ensure all users can reach the cupboard contents here. 

Pull Out Base Wirework

This specialised cabinet is great when installed into leg space near a sink. It is perfect for storing cleaning products.

Pull Out Table with Drawer Storage

An innovative way to create more preparation space at an accessible height, these pull-out tables can also double up as solo dining space and as an extra aid to reduce moving around hot plates of food. 

Rise and Fall Wall Unit

Our rise and fall wall units work electronically to lower wall cabinets at the touch of a button. Each unit has safety stoppers fitted underneath allowing the unit to move down and forward. This feature means storage is still possible underneath.

Pull and Twist Larder

By wiring your kitchen,  it is possible to bring the contents of the cupboards to you. For example, with rotating larders, the cupboard’s content can turn 180 degrees, meaning there is no need for the user to change their location.

Oven with Pull Out Heatproof Shelf

Installing an oven with a hideaway door allows for a heatproof, pull-out shelf to be fitted. This acts as a safety aid when lifting hot trays and dishes out of the oven, reducing contact with the item and acting as another pair of hands.

Waterfall Edge Worktops

Waterfall edges work by incorporating an integrated lip which reduces the chance of boiling liquids spilling over the edge of a worktop and onto the floor.

Bi-Folding Cabinet

These cabinets allow you to reduce the need of ducking from overhead cabinet doors. Specially-designed runners allow the doors to fold in, stopping them from protruding from the depth of the worktop beneath.

Cutlery Organisation

This may be a small touch, but it can make a huge difference for those who require organisation in the kitchen. Each separation can be labelled so the user knows what they are looking for with ease.

Accessible Sink

A reduced-depth sink can be implemented with all leg-space work surfaces. They can be upgraded to also include a pre-coated heat-proof base to prevent burns.

Front Access Taps

A front access tap control is a suitable alternative for anyone with limited reach. They can be installed along the front of a worktop if this is suitable for the user.

Integrated Flip Socket

These power sockets offer an accessible alternative within worktops. Release when the metal top is pushed down, and a selection of sockets pulls up for easy access.

Labelled Handles

To help users navigate around the kitchen, labelled handles are a great, subtle addition. You can choose from a range of interchangeable labels, whichever suits you best.

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Accessibility Kitchens
Accessibility Kitchens

A Freedom kitchen effortlessly integrates new interior trends with unsurpassed functionality. These kitchens are tailored to the needs of the people using them, and with our fundamental accessible design principles, we can achieve the most inspiring space that encompasses safety, style and flexibility.

Safety is an important factor and through the introduction of innovative features, we can create a space that reduces the risk of injuries and falls.

Our Available Delivery and Installation Service

We only partner with leading kitchen manufacturers, so it is only right that we provide a delivery and installation service to match. Our team of kitchen fitters take pride in offering a drop-off or complete service, including the expert fixture, fitting and assembly of your specialist kitchen. Our delivery options also include any Borshch appliances you order too.

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From the moment you discover the Freedom range, our kitchen experts are on hand to offer some assistance. We ensure every customer is supported through the process, and we can be involved as much or as little as you’d like. 

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